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The West China Second UniversityHospital of Sichuan University (WCSUH- SCU), also known as West China Women’sand Children’s Hospital, Sichuan University, is directly supervised by theNational Health and Family Planning Commission of China. It originated from theRenji Women’s Hospital that was set up in 1896. In 1987, the hospital wasestablished on the basis of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and theDepartment of Pediatrics in the University Hospital of the former West ChinaUniversity of Medical Sciences. After the merger of West China University ofMedical Sciences and Sichuan University, the hospital has taken its presentnames. The hospital was one of the first national top tertiary hospitals, andthe first internet hospital in Sichuan Province. The hospitalinitiated the Regional Medical Consortium Program in 2016, and the contractedhospitals are supposed to reach 100. As a medical center for women and childrenin southwestern China and a university hospital, the hospitalplays important roles in medical services, education, research, diseaseprevention and healthcare.

With a construction area of 59,000 sqmeters and a business area of 41,100 sq meters, WCSUH has 730 licensed beds, 16clinical departments/divisions, and 5 medico-technical departments.

Among its 2000 staffmembers, there are 134 professors, 125 associateprofessors, 59 advisers for doctoral degree candidates, 98 advisers for master degreecandidates, one professor supported by the Recruitment Program of Foreign Experts,one professor supported by Thousand Talents Plan Project, four professors supportedby Thousand Youth Talents Plan Project,one professor supported by the grant from Changjiang Scholars Program of Ministryof Education of China, one awardeeof the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars,8 awardees of the Ministry of Education Fund for Talents in New Century, 24 academicleaders of Sichuan Province, 84 academic leaders of the Department of Health ofSichuan Province, 42 awardees of the National Special Government Allowances andProvincial Allowances for Middle- aged and Young Specialists with ProminentAchievements. Forty percent of our staff has been trained overseas. Our staffhold key positions in many academic societies, including one director of the Committee of Birth Defects Prevention andControl of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, one deputy director of the Society of Perinatology of ChineseMedical Association, one deputy director of the Obstetrics and GynecologySociety of the Chinese Nursing Association, one vice chair of the NeonatologySociety of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and deputy chief of the YoungMembers’ Committee of the Pediatric Society of the Chinese Medical Association,one deputy director of the Young Members’ Committee of Perinatal Medicine ofthe Chinese Medical Association, one deputy director of the Young Members’Committee of Gynecological Oncology of the Chinese Medical Association, onedeputy director of the Young Members’ Committee of Medical Engineering of theChinese Medical Association, and several directors or deputy directors of Ob/Gyn,pediatrics, reproductive medicine, medical genetics, pharmaceutics of SichuanMedical Association and Chengdu Medical Association. WCSUH is authorized tooffer doctorate programs and post-doctor programs in obstetrics, gynecology,pediatrics, maternal-fetal medicine, stress biology.

Our Keys:
National High-quality Course:Pediatrics
National Key Disciplines: Obstetrics& Gynecology, Pediatrics    National Key Development Programs ofClinical Specialties: Gynecology, Obstetrics, Neonatology
Regional Collaborative Center ofMinistry of Health of China for Leukemia and Congenital Heart Diseases ofChildren in Rural Areas
National Center for Birth DefectsMonitoring of China
National Office for Maternal andChild Health Surveillance
SFDA Institute of Clinical Test ofDrugs
Sichuan Provincial Quality ControlCenter for Obstetrics and Gynecology
Sichuan Provincial Quality ControlCenter for Pediatrics
Sichuan Provincial HealthCenter for Critical Care of Pregnant Women
Human Sperm Bank of Sichuan Province

Clinical Facts of 2016:
Outpatient Department and EmergencyDepartment Visits: 2.01 million
Discharges: 52,500
Surgical operations: 38,100
Deliveries: 12,400
Average length of stay in days: 5.34

Research and Teaching:
Key Laboratory of the Ministry ofEducation for Maternal and Child Diseases and Birth Defects
Innovative Team of ChangjiangScholars Program of the Ministry of Education of China for the basic andclinical research of early development and injury
One awardee of the National ScienceFund for Distinguished Young Scholars
Researches published in the world’sleading medical journals The Lancet and Cell (2015)
Papers published in SCI journals: 155(2016)
Research FundsGranted: ¥48.69 mil. (2016)

Nationaland provincial level scientific and technological achievements (2012-2016):
Second prize for national scientific and technological achievements(second author institution)
First prize for scientific researchachievements of higher education institutions
First, second and third prizes for Sichuan Provincial scientific andtechnological achievements
Second science and technology prize of the Chinese MedicalAssociation
Second prize for scientific and technological achievements, CPMA

Teaching Bases:
Training Base ofStandardized Programs of National Health and Family Planning Commission ofChina for obstetrics/gynecology,pediatrics, emergency medicine, anesthesiology, pathology, laboratory medicine, ultrasoundmedicine, medical imaging
Training Base of National Health andFamily Planning Commission of China for Clinical Pharmacists on pediatric drugsand anti-tumor drugs
Training Base of National Health andFamily Planning Commission of China for Gynecological Endoscope
Training Center of National Healthand Family Planning Commission of China for Prenatal Diagnosis
Training Base of Chinese MedicalDoctor Association for Interventional Treatment of Cardiological Diseases
Training Base of StandardizedPrograms of Chinese Maternal and Child Health Association for midwives