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Department of Pathology

The predecessor of the Department,Pathological Diagnosis Room,was founded in 1998,with only one pathologist and one technician, providing pathological diagnoses using the frozen section technique, and had an annual pathological tests of around only 400.Now with the rapid progress of the hospital,the Department of Pathology plays a key role in patient care, basic science and clinical research, and provides a wide range of services including surgical diagnostic pathology,rapid intraoperative frozen section diagnosis, cytology diagnosis,autopsy and molecular pathology like immunohistochemistry,in-situ hybridization and PCR.

The department has 19 doctors and 15 technicians.

In 2011,we completed 66,870 pathological tests,with accuracy rate of 99.8% for biopsy diagnosis and 98.6% for frozen section diagnosis.

The Department is one of the first training bases for standardized pathological residency program in Sichuan province. And the department established the internship graduate program for pathology students from Linfen College of Shanxi University of Medical Sciences.

The department also attaches importance to research. Until 2011,our staffs have published over 10 articles in leading international journals covered by Science Citation Index.And we have obtained three projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.Currently we undertake 6 projects supported by national or provincial funds.