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Department of Laboratory Medicine

Department of Laboratory Medicine,or Clinical Laboratory, or medical laboratory,of West China Second University Hospital of Sichuan University,a first-class laboratory center among the hospitals for maternal and child health in the country, provides a wide range of laboratory tests covering clinical,research and education requirements.It is the first lab of those from hospitals for maternal and child health in China accredited by ISO15189 in 2006, and until now it is the only Center of Chinese Children Lead Poisoning Screening in Sichuan province designated by Ministry of Health and WHO Children Health Centre.

Our laboratory has 70 staff,including two professors,four associate professors,2 Ph.D.,17 masters,5 postgraduate students,also including one academic leaders of Sichuan Provincial Health Department,two candidates of academic leaders and 5 invited clinical or technical experts from within and outside the hospital.

This laboratory is divided into east and west sections sharing totally 1950 square meters. West section includes blood bank, sites for collection of specimen, and routine   and emergency tests. And the east section, the main part of our laboratory, is equipped with state of the art equipments, with scientifically designed workflow.

We provide 24-hour services,and keep patient care centered,endeavoring to offer best quality services.The laboratory consists of specimen-collection group,emergency group,blood bank,clinical hematology, clinical biochemistry group,clinical microbiology group,clinical immunology and molecular diagnosis group,and exfoliative cytology group.We offer a comprehensive test menu in obstetrics-gynecology and pediatrics,such as childhood leukemia MICM diagnosis system,Mediterranean anemia screening,difficult and special antibody of blood type identification,neonatal hemolytic disease detecting,fetal lung maturity experiment,IVF(In Vitro Fertilization)hormone levels monitoring, gynecology tumor markers and children's growth and development monitoring, lead poisoning screening, and pediatric infectious virus detecting.        

In education, the laboratory of West China Second University Hospital is the practice base of the Chengdu University of TCM,North Sichuan Medical College and Chongqing Medical University.And the laboratory has been approved as a training base of Standardized Resident Training Program for medical test specialty of Sichuan in 2008. So far, we have recruit 10 resident students.

In research,we are actively involved in the significant hospital research projects.Until now We have obtained one national,7 provincial, and one university-level research projects.We have published dozens of academic papers in all kinds of domestic and foreign journals,including 10 papers in leading international journals,and we published four medical and text books.Our staffs also take an active part in academic conferences at home and abroad.