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Prenatal Diagnosis Center

The center originates from the genetic lab of the birth control office of the Ministry of Health set up in the end of 1970s.It is the first of its kind to engage in the clinical services and research of prenatal diagnosis in Sichuan province.In 2006,the Prenatal Diagnosis Center of Sichuan province was established in West China Second University Hospital, with the approval of Health Department of Sichuan province. The center has become a leader in obstetrical care,research and education in the field of prenatal diagnosis and genetic counseling in Southwestern China and even in the country.

The center is equipped with state of the art equipments,and offers a series of services including prenatal screening, diagnostic testing,genetic counseling, and patient education.Clinics of genetic counseling,ultrasound room and puncture room are established in the center.And we have laboratories on research of cell genetics,molecular genetics,prenatal screening,and immunobiochemistry.Now the center has become one of the referral centers in prenatal and genetic diagnosis in the country.

Now the center has provided Down syndrome screening and amniotic fluid chromosome examination for hundreds of thousands of patients in the country.And meanwhile there is a fast increase of the above mentioned examinations,for example, the number of examinations in the first half year of 2012 increased by 45% over that of the previous year.

We have 29 staffs and 17 part-time employees.And we have 10 advisors for master degree's candidates,three for doctoral candidates,one academic leader of Sichuan province,and six academic leader of Health Department of Sichuan province.