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Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases1

The Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at West China Second University Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient consultation on the diagnosis and management of all types of acute and chronic pediatric infections,such as tuberculosis in children,infectious diarrhea,sepsis,hepatitis,Infantile hepatitis syndrome, congenital syphilis, central nervous system infection,mumps,especially of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis,toxic bacillary dysentery,tuberculous meningitis, extensive drug resistant TB ,tuberculosis complicated withdrug-induced liver injury,CMV hepatitis,and etc.

With 20 beds,4 professors,4 attending doctors,and one resident,we admitted about 650 patients annually and have tutored twenty candidates for master's and doctor's degree.

In Sichuan Province,we serve as the center for diagnosing and treating severe H1N1 flu of children and severe hand-foot-mouth disease.