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Division of Gynecology

In the Division of Gynecology, we have forty doctors, of whom twenty hold senior titles, 95% hold master's or doctor's degree. The heads of the six medical groups are all highly experienced in clinical practice. We have 166 beds (including 27 beds for chemotherapy) and 20 operation rooms equipped with advanced electric surgery system, suitable for transabdominal, transvaginal, and endoscopic surgeries. Some surgeries can be transmitted for distant teaching.

Every year, we treat about 10,000 patients, perform 9,000 operations. About 20% of the patients receiving surgery are for malignant tumors. Some 500 patients with critical diseases are saved yearly. The rate of successful resuscitation is almost 100%. About two hundred consultations are made too complicated cases. Hundreds of patients with complicated diseases are transferred from other hospitals.

We are outstanding in China for treating gynecological cancers. Radical operations and super-radical operations are performed, and chemotherapy can be administered by different ways.  We are also good at treating endometriosis, anomalies of the genital tract, genital tract fistula, pelvic floor diseases, reproductive tract infections. We are highly experienced in  the treatment of a serials of gynecologic diseases, such as uterus-sparing radical trachelectomy in young cervical cancer patients, nerve-sparing radical hysterectomy, intervention treatment for uterine cesarean scar pregnancy and cervical pregnancy, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy in both benign and malignant diseases  

In the division, we have 14 professors, 12 associate professors, 20 chief doctors and residents, of whom 80% have been further trained overseas. Some doctors are honored academic leaders or reserved academic leaders of Sichuan Province or the Health Department of Sichuan Province. The director and deputy director of the Chinese Society of Gynecological Oncology and the director of West China Center of the Society are all from our division. We have three advisors for doctoral degree candidates and twenty-two advisors for master degree candidates. We also offer post-doctor programs. Our gynecological oncology has been listed in the Key Construction Program of Clinical Disciplines by the Ministry of Health for seven years in a row. Research conducted by our doctors includes projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Health, and Sichuan Province.  Many of their researches have been awarded by the state and the province.

The present director of the gynecology division is Dr. Wang Ping, with Drs Shi Gang, Yin Rutien, and Zheng Ying being deputy directors.


Gynecological Oncology

Our well equipped gynecological Oncology is known for its high quality expertise, and it is supported twice by the Key Clinical Programs of the Ministry of Health. We initiated in China

General Gynecology

We are much experienced in treating endometriosis with medications or surgery. The cure rate and pregnant rate are much higher after treatment.

With profound basic and clinical research of female pelvic disorders, we provide non-surgery treatment for minor pelvic disorders and surgical operations for serious pelvic anomalies. Advanced techniques and new biomaterials are used in pelvic reconstruction.

For repairing genital tract deformity and treating gynecological tumors and inflammation, we also have made in-depth research. Minimal invasive surgeries have been introduced successfully for diagnosis and treatment. Endoscopy is used extensively for the diagnosis of pelvic mass, abdominal pain, ectopic pregnancy, abnormal uterine bleeding, etc. and with laparoscopy,  we provide high quality solutions to radical hysterectomy, pelvic lymphadenectomy, hysteromyoma, ovarian tumor, endometriosis, tubal pregnancy. With hysteroscopy, we can perform cervical cerclage, resection of the endometrium, resection of submucosal hysteromyoma, transcervical resection of polyp. With the combination of laparoscopy and hsyteroscopy, we can treat complicated genital malformation.

Clinical Service

In 2011, we treated 13157 patients, performed 9599 operations, of which 1235 were for cancers. The rate of bed occupancy in the division was 123.2%; the averaged length of stay was 5.4 days; and cure rate was 94.1%. In 2011 we performed 509 resuscitations and did 213 consultations.

Research and Academic Activities

In 2012, we obtained 30 grants, with total funds of 6.28 million RMB yuan, from the National Key Project 973, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and other Ministry and Province Funds. We co-authored three academic books, translated two books, got two patents for invention, and won a third prize from the province for progress in science and technology. We publish yearly about one hundred journal articles. Last year, we held the Twelfth National Conference of Gynecological Oncology. Eleven doctors attended international academic meetings, 56 presented domestic academic meetings, 19 made oral presentations in the meetings.

For medical education, we now have 38 candidates for doctor’s degree, 90 for master’s degree. In our division, there are many regular academic activities, such as clinical pathological conference, grand clinical teaching rounds, group discussion, presentation, national and province continuing medical education programs.

We also offer lectures for public health education regularly on a wide range of topics.

Affiliated Units

West China Training Center of the Chinese Society of Gynecological Oncology was established in 2005. As one of the five national training ba-x-ses in this area, it provides trainings and qualifications, and academic activities for doctors in west China.

Training ba-x-se of Ministry of Health for Gynecological Endoscopy

The Gynecological Minimal Invasive Surgery Center of the hospital became one of the fifteen Training ba-x-ses of MOH for Gynecological Endoscopy in 2007. It is the only one in southwest China.

The gynecological endoscopy in the hospital started in 1980s. After two decades development, the endoscopy provides solutions to 60% of all the gynecological problems, including early cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, uterine myoma and uterine adenomyosis, ovarian cysts, ectopic endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic adhesions; endometrial polyps, uterine mediastinum, genital malformation, intrauterine adhesions, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, ectopic intrauterine foreign body rings, etc.

Pilot ba-x-se of MOH for Resident Training of Specialists

The hospital was authorized to be a pilot ba-x-se for resident training in 1993. The Department of Pediatrics and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology became the pilot training ba-x-se for residents training program. In 2006, we were authorized to be a pilot training ba-x-se for pediatricians and ob/gyn doctors.