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Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

Pediatric Hematology and Oncology was established in 1973 in the Department of Pediatrics of the First University Hospital,West China University of Medical Sciences.In the division,we have 12 professors,3 associate professors,3 attending doctors,3 residents,35 nurses.With 5 advisers for doctoral degree candidates and 5 for master degree candidates,we provides programs for master's and doctoral degrees and post-doctors.In this team, we have one Provincial Academic Leader,three academic leaders of the Department of Health of Sichuan Province,two experts with outstand achievements.Many of our faculty members holds important positions in their subspecialties in academical societies and are editorial board members or associate chief editor of related medical journals.

Clinical Services

Our pediatric hematology-oncology is among the best in China for medical service and research.

The division has two hematological wards and one hematopoietie stem cell transplantation laminar flow ward, with eighty open beds.As the biggest center in West China for child hematology-oncology diseases,the division receives about two hundred new patients every year. We are outstanding in China for the diagnosis and treatment of child anemia,hemorrhagic diseases,leukemia, and other malignant solid tumors. Our hematopoietie stem cell transplantation laminar flow ward is best equipped in China,covering a floor area of 200 square meters. In Sichuan Province,we are the only medical institute qualified for Unrelated Donors HSCT.With this technology,we have successfully treated children with acute leukemia,chronic granulocytic leukemia,Thalassemia major,severe aplastic anemia, refractory lymphoma,neuroblastoma, Rhabdomyosarcoma and so on.


In early 1980s,Professor LIAO Qingkui and Professor LUO Chunhua conducted series studies on iron deficiency and iron me-x-tabolism of mother and child during perinatal period.They first completed the epidemiological investigation on iron deficiency in Chinese children,and studied the effects of iron deficiency on the function of various organs.They has carried out in-depth research on the role of transferrin, ferritin,and transferrin receptor in maternal fetal transport of iron, and established the unselfish-but-limited theory to illustrate the fetal iron supply from the pregnant mother with serious iron deficiency.This theory changed the tradition view.Their studies has received supports from the National Natural Science Foundation of China,Doctoral Fund of Ministry of Education of China,and other ministerial and provincial funds. And their studies has won many prizes from the state,ministry and the province.  

First made has pregnant mother serious deficiency iron effect fetal iron supply of "limited selfless theory", amendment has pregnant mother iron status does not effect fetal iron me-x-tabolism of traditional concept, on guide maternal and child iron lack syndrome of control up to has actively of role, was has both at home and abroad scholars of attention and certainly. Over the years, the series has won the National Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of education doctoral programs, the Ministry of health funding for scientific research fund and Fund for science and Technology Bureau of Sichuan province, won the third prize of national scientific and technological progress 1, Ministry of science and technology progress award and the Sichuan Provincial Science and technology progress award and other awards nearly 20. Departments in recent years in the former rail study on iron deficiency and maternal-fetal transfer mechanism ba-x-sed on the work, to further expand the field of study, an in-depth study of iron me-x-tabolic disorders and diseases such as leukemia and anemia of chronic disease in an attempt to further clarify the molecular pathogenesis of childhood leukemia, as well as exploring new treatment strategy for leukemia iron me-x-tabolic pathways. The abnormal iron me-x-tabolism of leukemia and its significance in 2009, first prize for medical sciences in Sichuan province.

Recently, our research is focusing on the relationship between iron me-x-tabolism disorders and chronic anemia and leukemia.

Our Laboratory of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology was set up in 2007. It is supported by the project of the Ministry of Health for Key Specialty Development and is a key laboratory of Sichuan Province. The laboratory is equipped with advanced modern equipment for basic and clinical research of cytomorphology, immunology, cytogenetics, molecular biology, and cytobiology.