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Pediatric Department

The Department of Pediatrics was first established in 1942 as a part of the West China Union University.It has belonged to the Affiliated Hospital of Sichuan Medical College,the University Hospital of the West China University of Medical Sciences, and the West China Second University Hospital of Sichuan University,as the university was renamed and then merged in Sichuan University.Its founders Drs.DU Shunde,ZHANG Junru,TANG Zeyuan,ZHENG Deyuan were also the pioneers in the field of pediatrics in China.Standing at the frontier, it was authorized to confer doctorial degree of pediatrics in 1986, offer postdoctorial programs in 1991. Our pediatrics was listed in National Key Disciplines in 2007, and was rated the National Best Course in 2010.Our neonatology was listed in the National Project for Key Clinical Specialty Development. In our faculty team, we have the awardees of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars,and the Innovative Team of The Cheung Kong Scholars Programme. We have one professor elected as deputy director of the Society of Pediatrics of the Chinese Medical Association,four as heads or vice heads of the subspecialties of child healthcare,neonatology,pediatric infectious diseases,pediatric hematology. We have members in all the twelve subspecialties groups pediatrics.The director, two deputy directors,and four committee members of the Society of Pediatrics of Sichuan Medical Association are from our team. Also from our team is the director of the Society of Pediatrics of Chengdu Medical Association.

At present we have 82 pediatricians,of whom 27 hold senior professional titles,eight are advisers for doctorial candidates and 29 for master candidates.Among our 167 nurses,four hold a master degree, three have a senior professional title and 26 have a intermediate title.We have 28 medical technologists,of whom 4 hold a master degree and one have a senior professional title. The present director of the Department is Prof.MU Dezhi,deputy directors are Prof.WAN Chaomin,Prof.JIA Cangsong,Prof.YANG Fan.

Within the department,there are Division A of General Pediatrics for neurology and digestive medicine,Division B of General Pediatrics for nephrology,immunology, respiratory medicine, endocrinology, Division of Pediatric Cardiology,Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology,Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Division of Child Healthcare, Division of Neonatology, and Division of Emergency Medicine.

With 350 beds,and a total floor area of 10,437 square meters,we received 580,000 outpatients and emergency patients in 2009,630,000 in 2010,730,000 in 2010,and discharged 12,854 patients in 2009,14,229 in 2010,15,252 in 2011.The rate of bed occupancy reached 124%,averaged length of hospital stay was 8.5 days. As a medical center for women and children in West China, our patients come not only from Sichuan Province,but Yunnan,Guizhou,Tibet,Xinjiang,Gansu,Chongqing,Hube,Hunan as well.

We provide teaching and clinical training programs for medical students of five-year and eight-year curriculum and overseas students,tutor candidates for master's and doctor's degree, and train post-doctors.As a training ba-x-se of MOH for pediatricians, we train tens of pediatricians.In recent years, we have authored five medical textbooks, including Pediatrics and Child Healthcare, and co-authored ten medical textbooks, such as Evidence-ba-x-sed Medicine,Pediatric Medicine,Pediatric Infectious Diseases.We published about 20 medical books and 100 journal articles. We have conducted over ten projects for teaching reform,received two national prizes,nine provincial prizes,and nine university prizes for teaching achievements. For the past five years,we have five faculty members honored Talents in New Centaury by the Ministry of Education.

For the past five years, we have acquired 105 research projects with a total fund of 27.73 million RMB yuan.The grants included one from  the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars,24 from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, two from international programs,three from National Kep Projects,75 from ministrial and provincial programs.Over the recent five years, about 600 articles have been published, including 100 on SCI journals.Twenty-six projects have been awarded the third or even higher prizes for science and technology progress from the province or ministries. The Laboratory of Maternal and Child Diseases and Birth Defects (Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education of China), the Laboratory of Development and Maternal and Child Diseases(Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province),and the Basic and Clinical Research of Early Development and Injury (Innovative Team of The Cheung Kong Scholars Programme of the Ministry of Education of China) layed a sound foundation for the development of our disciplines.