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                                                                         West China Second University Hospital,Sichuan University                                                


       The West China Second University Hospital of Sichuan University (WCSUH- SCU), also known as West China Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Sichuan University, is directly supervised by the National Health Commission of China. It originated from the Renji Women’s Hospital that was set up in 1896. In 1987, the hospital was established on the basis of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Department of Pediatrics in the University Hospital of the former West China University of Medical Sciences. After the merger of West China University of Medical Sciences and Sichuan University, the hospital has taken its present names. The hospital was one of the first national top tertiary hospitals and serves as a medical center for women and children in Southwestern China. It plays an important role in medical service, education, research, disease prevention, and healthcare.                                                

       The hospital has two campuses, Huaxi campus and Jinjiang campus, with 1580 licensed beds, 24 clinical departments/divisions, and 7 medical supporting departments.  
       Among its 3865 staff members, there are 134 professors, 217 associate professors, 81 advisers for doctoral degree candidates, 146 advisers for master degree candidates. Our staff hold over thirty key positions in national academic associations/societies  
       As a referral center in Southwest China, we provide medical services to women and children with critical diseases. In 2021, we had 3.39 million outpatient and emergency visits, discharged 88,000 patients, performed 126,000 operations, and delivered 18,000 babies.  

In 2021, we first introduced da Vinci Xi surgical robot in Sichuan Province to carry out operations for gynecological malignant tumors and pediatric surgeries. Among our obstetric patients, more than 70% come with high risk diseases. The first tube baby and the first IVF baby with micro-TESE and ICSI in the province were successfully born in the hospital. In Southwest China, the hospital first introduced umbilical cord blood stem cell transplantation for the treatment of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2000. The complete remission rate of pediatric acute leukemia in the hospital has reached 95% plus, and the 5-year disease-free survival rate is 70%. Every year, more than 6,000 premature infants and critically ill newborns are treated; over 500 kids with congenital heart diseases recover after interventional surgery in our hospital.                                      

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       The National Center for Birth Defects Monitoring of China /National Center for Maternal and Child Health Surveillance covers a population of 140 million in 31 provinces/districts/cities, with 334 member units and 783 member hospitals. The maternal and child health data of China come mainly from this hospital.    
       Over the past five years, the hospital has been granted a total of 412.6 million yuan for 1,010 research projects, including 114 from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 67 national key R & D projects, 8 national major science and technology projects.  We have 17 articles published in most influential magazines such as THE LANCET, LANCET GLOB HEALTH, Science Translational Medicine, nature communications, CELL STEM CELL, Cell me-x-tabolism, P NATL ACAD SCI USA, the bmj, LANCET INFECTIOUS DISEASES, Science Advances, and so on. Our research has received many national and provincial awards.  
       Cooperated with West China Hospital, our telemedicine network has reached 334 hospitals and maternity and childcare institutes. Our Medical Alliance, launched in 2016, has involved 104 member hospitals.  Our Regional Pediatric Hospital Alliance consists of nine district level hospitals and 164 primary hospitals in 19 cities/counties. From these hospitals, 241 pediatricians have been granted West China Union Doctor after training and examination. By 2021, the hospitals in the union have received 130 thousand sick kids as first visitors, and 72% of them revisited the member primary hospitals, with a referral rate of 5.17%.  
       When major public health emergency occurs, our hospital staff is always fully prepared and dedicated to the protection of people’s health. After the "5·12" Wenchuan earthquake, the hospital implemented more than 10 post-disaster reconstruction projects. Since 2009, with the post-disaster reproductive project, we have provided free treatment to 1,338 couples, and free prenatal counseling and antenatal diagnosis services to over 7,000 people in disaster stricken areas. In 2020, 26 doctors and nurses of this hospital joined the Sichuan Medical Team and went to Wuhan City to combat COVID-19 and save life.