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West China Institutes for Women and Children's Health

The aims of the Institutes'are:
To be the best platform for teaching and research in the field of maternal and child health in the country
To be a training ba-x-se for innovative talentsin the field of maternal and child health in West China and the country as well
To be a national and international research centre involving talent exchange and cooperation in the field of maternal and child health
To be a platform for newly developed cross-disciplinary research and a front of scientific innovation in the field of maternal and child health
To provide conditions to accelerate research into practice

Supported by the West China Second University Hospital, Sichuan University, the Institutes are committed to innovation and cross disciplinary collaboration, and run with a mechanism of "opening, mobility, cooperation and competition".

Established in 2008, the institutes now have The Development and Stem Cell Institute,The Joint Research Center of West China Second University Hospital of Sichuan University and Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong, Lab on Early Development Injury and Repair, Child Neuroscience Laboratory, Lab of Development and Disease, Laboratory of molecular translational medicine/Lab of Immunogenetics, Laboratory of Biotherapy for Gynecological Tumor,Gynecological Oncology Laboratory,Biomedical Ultrasonics Laboratory, Laboratory of Genetic Disease/Perinatal Medicine,The Laboratory of Genetics,Lab of Cell and Gene Therapy,Laboratory on Molecular Epidemiology of Birth Defects, Laboratory of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, The Pulmonary Vascular Remodeling Research Unit, and The Open Laboratory which provides analytical, consulting and training services to postgraduates and faculty of this hospital. And The National Drug Clinical Trial Institute is also established under The Institutes.

The Organizational Structure of the Institutes

The Institutes are made up of the scholarship committee, the professor committee, the appraisal committee, and the audit committee, which are responsible for the research areas, performance appraisal, supervision and financial audit respectively to ensure the sustainable and successful development of the Institutes.

The Institutes cover an area of over 10000 square meters, with 850 square meters at each floor. They have spacious laboratories and are equipped with state-of-art research apparatus worth over 30 million RMB yuan (over 4.7 million dollars), including flow cytometry, HPLC-MS and confocal microscope and so on, which are shared by the labs.

Management of West China Institutes for Women and Children’s Health

The vision of the Institutes is to be a centre of excellence in research in the field of child and maternal health both nationally and internationally, integrating basic research and clinical practice.

Opening up and mobility of Researchers

We keep pace with the advanced technology by opening up and strengthening the exchange and cooperation with the national and international institutions.

Our labs are open to relative research institutions in the field of maternal and child health at home and abroad, and provide a research platform linking scientific research and clinical practice. Meanwhile the positions in the labs are open for excellent researchers worldwide.

We are actively involved in holding diversified academic activities, taking part in high-level academic conferences, and inviting experts and scholars for academic exchanges. Also renowned scientists are invited to do research in the Institutes so as to improve its core competiveness in disciplinary development, and excellent researchers will be introduced nationally and internationally, raising the international reputation of the Institutes and Sichuan University.

ba-x-sed upon performance appraisal, mobility of researchers is essential for working out the potential of the researchers. Meanwhile, elimination mechanism for researchers is introduced so that unqualified ones will be eliminated and excellent researchers can have more research resources. Thus more talents can be attracted and their enthusiasm be aroused.

Cooperation and competition

Cooperation is the basis of competition, and competition is the motivation, which can lead to a redistribution of research resources, and ensure a qualified team of researchers. We encourage competition among cooperation, and this mechanism guarantee the competitive edge  and sustainable movement of the Institutes.