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Development and Related Disease of Women and Children Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province

2022-09-20 17:25:49

Our laboratory was established on December 21, 2009, with the approval of Sichuan Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Professor Zhao Xia is our current director.

There are three interrelated and interdependent research directions in our lab, which include (1) the etiology of birth defects and early warning, (2) early development, injury, repair, and reconstruction, and (3) the genetic development and regulatory reconstruction of tumors in women and children. The overall embryo development, the organ development, and the embryonic development of major maternal and child diseases are three related levels that we are working on to promote the in-depth exploration of the control and reconstruction of developmental defects, which is a unique multidisciplinary research field.

Specific research directions in our laboratory include birth defects etiology and clinical epidemiology, prenatal warning for birth defects, digitization of genetic resources, major organ development, stem cell reconstruction, the therapeutics of major developmental defects, birth defect-related assisted reproductive medicine, the regulation of tumorigenesis and development of the female reproductive system, and iron me-x-tabolism regulation in pediatric tumors.