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Organizational Structure

临床科室Clinical Departments/Divisions

妇产科教研室/妇产科 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

妇科Division of Gynecology

产科Division of Obstetrics

肿瘤放化疗科Division of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

妇产科重症医学科  Ob/Gyn ICU

生殖内分泌科 Division of Reproductive Endocrinology

生殖医学科Division of Reproductive Medicine

医学遗传科/产前诊断中心 Division of Medical Genetics/Prenatal Diagnosis Center

生殖男科/四川省人类精子库 Andrology/Human Sperm Bank of Sichuan Province

急诊医学科Department of Emergency Medicine

手术室Operation Rooms

日间手术部 Day Surgery Department

儿科教研室/儿科 Department of Pediatrics

小儿神经科Division of Pediatric Neurology

小儿消化科Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology

小儿肾脏科Division of Pediatric Nephrology

小儿呼吸免疫科Division of Pediatric Respiratory and Immunological Diseases

小儿遗传代谢内分泌科Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, me-x-tabolism and Genetics

小儿心血管科Division of Pediatric Cardiology

小儿外科Division of Pediatric Surgery

小儿血液科Division of Pediatric Hematology

新生儿科Division of Neonatology

小儿感染Division of Pediatric Infectious Disease


儿科综合病房General Pediatric Ward

儿童保健科Division of Child Healthcare

康复医学科Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

临床营养科Department of Clinical Nutrition

麻醉科Department of Anesthesiology

口腔科Department of Stomatology

中医科Department of Tradition Chinese Medicine

放射科Department of Radiology

医技科室Medical Supporting Departments

超声科Department of Ultrasonography

医学检验科Department of Laboratory Medicine

药学部Department of Pharmacy

病理科Department of Pathology