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Division B of General Pediatrics

The division is specialized in nephrology, respiratory medicine, and endocrinology and has 63 beds.  

We are outstanding in the diagnosis and management of pediatric renal diseases,such as acute glomerulonephritis,nephritic syndrome,acute and chronic renal failure,allergic purura,anaphylatic purpura nephritis,systemic lupus erythematosus,lupus nephritis,acute and chronic urinary tract infection.

Equipped with dialysis machine,continuous renal replacement therapy machine and plasmapheresis machine,our blood purification therapy has developed quickly for the past 5 years, which plays an important role in treating children suffering toxication,bees or wasp stings,acute and chronic renal failure, inflammatory reaction syndrome,multiple organ failure,septicemia,pyemia,toxemia,as well as other immunological diseases.

We are also highly experienced in the management of respiratory diseases,such as refractory pneumonia,thoracic diseases,respiratory failure,acute asthmatic attack,persistent asthma,and so on.Pediatric fiberoptic bronchoscopy,pulmonary function test,bronchial provocation test,skin prick test/serum allergic test,allergen challenge test and specific immunotherapy can all be done here.

We also provide diagnosis and treatment for short stature and precocious puberty. Growth hormone test and sexual hormone provocation test can be done in the division.

Children with diabetes can receive standardized diagnosis, treatment, and management in the division.