For Patients

For Outpatients

Dear patients,

 Hello! Welcome to visit our hospital. In order to enable you and your family get convenient and efficient medical services during the outpatient consultation process, our hospital opened a variety of booking register methods and the operation processes are as follows:

Warm tips:

1.Real name registration is applied in our hospital. Please take personal identification card or residence booklet to our hospital to get ‘real-name patient ID card’ or get the card by wechat ‘no card register’ or go to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to get ‘Huaxi Medical Card’ before seeing a doctor.

2.Exceeding the required time, the reservation number will be automatically voided. Not taken register will regarded as default within the prescribed period and default of three times will automatically cancel six months booking function of the card.

3. Our hospital booking registration pathway is fair and open. Please make an appointment through regular pathways and do not buy register through people who sell register. If patients buy register through people who sell register, medical staff will refuse treatment once verified.

4. To protect your rights and interests, patients should manage your own real-name patient ID card and identity data to avoid information loss. You can not change information in the card during the visit and can not borrow the card to others or use other person’s card to see a doctor. You will be responsible of all the consequences of this.