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Department of Pharmacy

Established in 1988,the Department of Pharmacy now includes dispensing units (outpatient pharmacy,inpatient pharmacy, emergency pharmacy and convenient pharmacy),drug storage room, preparation unit, medication testing unit,and adverse drug reactions monitoring unit.

The department has 53 staff, including one senior pharmacist, 31 pharmacists and 12 assistant pharmacists, one thesis advisor for master’s degree candidate, one candidate for provincial academic leader and one academic leader assigned by Sichuan Health Department.

There are 6 clinical pharmacists who work in wards of general pediatrics, Gynecological Oncology, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, reproductive endocrinology, neonatal unit and obstetrics. In 2007, the department was authorized by Ministry of Health to be the Training ba-x-se for Clinical Pharmacists, which is the only one ba-x-sed in hospital for maternal and child health, also the only one training clinical pharmacists in the field of maternal and child health.

The department also undertakes teaching of undergraduates and master degree candidates from West China College of Pharmacology and West China Clinical Medical College of Sichuan University.

And 25 staffs of the department serve in national,provincial and municipal pharmacy associations and committees.

On November of 2010, prof. ZHANG Lingli was awarded the title of "Pharmacist of the Year 2010 in China" by Chinese Pharmaceutical Association.

And in research,the department currently undertakes 26 projects, with a fund over 1,200,000 RMB yuan.And four patents were issued.

And we have published more than 90 papers,including three in journals covered by SCI,9 in Emba-x-se journals,one in Medline journal,60 in key journals or statistical resources journals,and we have 25 more papers presented in academic conferences and 8 books published.