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West China Second University Hospital embraces the 5G industry

2019-11-18 15:42:00

West China Second University Hospital of Sichuan University started the use of the 5G Medical Industry Network on the 13th.

Liu Hanmin, president of the hospital, said that the 5G medical industry network is specially developed and designed by China Mobile Sichuan Company and China Mobile (Chengdu) Industrial Research Institute to meet the needs of different scenarios in the hospital, which can realize real-time transmission of high-definition data, with flexible and adjustable bandwidth.

At present, the hospital has launched the "5g + VR" Newborn Visit Application through the 5g medical industry special network. Wearing VR devices, parents of the newborns can immediately "stay" in the neonatal intensive care unit and see the real-time status of their babies. And in neonatal transport, the application of the 5G medical industry network can upgrade the ambulance to a mobile mini-hospital, which can send to doctors the physical signs, medical records, and real-time data of the sick newborn in seconds. Experts in the hospital can remotely join in the process of baby rescuing, which extends in-hospital treatment to pre-hospital situation, and win valuable time for saving life.

The 5G medical industry special network has the advantages of high speed, low delay, large connection, good maintainability and anti-interference capability. It can provide personalized network services for different application scenarios in hospitals, help hospitals to realize real-time inspection, equipment mobility, medical intelligence, data security, greatly shorten the time for patients to be treated and cared, and help hospitals enter the era of intelligent medical care.