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Department of Medical Genetics is the largest diagnosis and prenatal diagnosis integrated service provider of genetic disease in western areas of China, equipping with the most comprehensive and advanced technology, launching the largest number of projects, and serving the widest range of people. Our department is the National standardized training base for resident physicians on Medical Genetics, Department of National Prenatal Screening and Prenatal Diagnosis Training Expert Group Leader of Birth Defects Prevention and Treatment Talent Training Base of National Health Commission, Key Discipline of Medical Science in Sichuan Province.

Our department includes Maternal-fetal Genetic Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment Center and Childhood Genetic Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment Center. The subjects cover reproductive genetics, prenatal diagnosis, childhood genetics, and cancer genetics. We have already constructed comprehensive genetic testing platforms for clinical diagnosis and prenatal diagnosis of chromosomic abnormalities, genomic disorders, and monogenic diseases, ranking as national top-level in clinical genetics and prenatal diagnosis. We lead and participate in the formulation of several national technical guidelines and expert consensus for prenatal screening and diagnosis. We are in charge of plenty of projects including key project of Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Provincial and ministerial scientific projects, and have accomplished a number of national and provincial scientific and technological achievements.

Our department possesses a team of high-qualified talents, involving 29 clinicians, 20 nurses and 76 experimental staffs, consisting of 55 with doctoral/master degree, 15 with senior professional technicians, 2 doctoral tutors, 5 postgraduate tutors, 2 national and 7 provincial prenatal diagnosis experts.

As the Prenatal Diagnosis Center of Sichuan Province, we are in charge of facilitating the construction of prenatal screening and diagnosis network, talent training and technology extension, to promote the development and standardized service of prenatal diagnosis. We also undertake the quality control and supervision of prenatal screening and diagnostic facilities of Sichuan Province, including the statistics, management and analysis of clinical and laboratory data.