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The Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of West China Second University Hospital is a medical center integrating clinical curing, medical teaching, scientific research and preventive care, with the national key discipline of the Ministry of Education. It is also a construction unit with the key clinical project of the Ministry of Health, a national specialized construction unit for healthcare, a national specialized construction unit for perinatal health care, a permited unit of human assisted reproductive center in the Ministry of Health, a key construction unit of training base for residents of National Health Committee, and a standardized training base for residents in Sichuan Province. It is regarded as a treatment and referral center in West China for clinical endangered and difficult cases of obstetrics and gynecology. The department now consists of six third-level discinplines, including Gynecology Division, Obstetrics Division, Reproductive Endocrinology Division, Reproductive Medicine Division, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Division, and ICU, with more than 700 hospital beds and abundant qualified faculty members. There is a whole-process care system for cancer patients, a maternal and infant healthcare system for difficult and severe cases, an integrated service platform for reproductive medicine, a treatment referral system for emergency and critical care, a management platform for fetal diseases, etc. The department is equipped with dozens of globally advanced minimally invasive endoscopic systems, such as integrated operating room, hybrid operating room, surgical robotic system, and fetoscopic system. The faculty memebers, of which over 100 are full professors, are in charge of numerous major national scientific and technology projects and provincial scientific research projects, holding hundreds of patents. There are many winners of national and provincial scientific and technological achievement awards Their research findings have been published in high-level journals internationally, including Nature, Lancet, JAMA Oncology, Nature Communications, Cell Research, etc.