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Division of Reproductive Medicine, West China Second University Hospital.

As the pioneer of assisted reproductive technology in our province, the Department of Reproductive Medicine leads the development of assisted reproductive technology in Sichuan Province, with the first case of IVF in Sichuan Province (1997) and the first second-generation IVF(ICSI) in Sichuan Province (in 2001), the first third-generation IVF in Sichuan Province (2000) was successfully completed and delivered by continuously our department . In 2020, we became the affiliated unit of "Sichuan Provincial Human Fertility Preservation Quality Management Center". In 2021, we became "the first batch of the national women's health care specialist capacity building regional training bases - infertility/gynecological endocrinology/reproductive endocrinology regional training base specialist unit in charge".

The division provides all human assisted reproductive technology (artificial insemination of husband sperm, artificial insemination of sperm donor, in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer and its derived technologies) services, and carries out reproductive genetics, fertility preservation, miscarriage, endometriosis, PCOS clinics. We provide high-quality medical services for patients with reproductive difficulties.

Among the 109 doctors and nurses in our team, there are 53 with doctoral degree, 2 postdoctors, 20 with senior professional title, 2 doctoral supervisors and 8 master supervisors. In the past three years, we has been granted 6 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, over ten provincial and ministerial projects, and held academic positions in national and provincial societies. We have tutored more than 100 candidates for doctoral and master degrees in the feild of reproductive medicine.

We will strive to maintain rapid development and become a first-class reproductive medicine center in China, the best one in West China, which is trusted by patients, recognized by peers, and perfect in technology.