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Departments & Services

Director:Lin Xuemei

Deputy Director:Luo Dong, Ma Yushan, Huang Han

Head Nurse:Tian Wanli

The Anesthesiology Department of West China Second University Hospital is certificated as a Top-Grade Key Discipline of Sichuan Province, in addition the department is a national-level training base for obstetric anesthesia and labor analgesia personnel. In 2019 and 2020, for two consecutive years, the department was granted third place among all the nation’s Anesthesiology Departments of OB-GYN Hospitals in the National Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics(STEM). Taking care of more than 60,000 anesthetic cases every year, and with the combination of clinically oriented research and dynamic education, the department aims to offer its best services for all anesthetic patients in need.

Anesthetic Team and Clinical Anesthetic Care

The members of Anesthesiology Department are highly integrated and cooperative. Consisting of 103 staff members, the department has 8 senior clinical professors and 11 clinical associate professors, who serve in active duty in various academic societies, such as the Co-chair of Anesthesiology Committee of China Maternal and Child Health Association, board member of the Anesthesiologists’ Association of Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

The In-O.R. work includes gynecological, obstetric, pediatric, out-patient and day surgeries, while the Out-O.R. work consists of providing dedicated sedative services, endoscopic procedures and CT/MRI imaging examination for children. In 2021, the labor analgesia rate of the department was as high as 84.2%. And the department has offered its excellent services to patients from 28-week-premature-newborns to 100-year-old senior citizens.  

Professional Researches

The department has never stopped its pace for scientific researches. Over the past five years, the department has received 4 grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China and other funding agencies, totaling over 3,000,000 RMB. The department has hosted and completed several counts of GCP Project. Our research results have also been published on peer-review journals, such as the Anesthesiology and the Progress in Neurobiology,and the BMC Medicine.