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Division of Pediatric Cardiology

The division of pediatric cardiology/intervention center of pediatric cardiovascular diseases, West China Second University Hospital of Sichuan University, was founded in 1970s. It is one of the earliest pediatric cardiovascular units in China and is also one of the earliest interventional treatment centers for pediatric congenital heart diseases. Over the past half century, with efforts of several generations of experts such as TANG Shengcai, JIN Zhonghe, ZHOU Tongfu, and HUA Yimin, the division has become the best pediatric cardiology unit in west China and reached the leading level in China. Besides, the integrated management and intervention of fetal heart disease, including the intrauterine treatment is of advanced level in the world and domestic leadership positions. The interventional treatment of pediatric congenital heart disease is ranked among the top three in the national pediatric field.

The superb medical skills of the division have contributed to our "Huaxi brand". So far, the center has completed a total of 30,000 cases of interventional treatment for congenital heart diseases. The annual procedures are about 850 cases. The center has built up the largest clinical research queue of the fetal tachycardia, bradycardia and heart failure in China. The treatment of other diseases such as hemangioma and vascular malformations, arrhythmia, myocardial diseases, Kawasaki disease, and functional cardiovascular diseases in the center also reached the advanced level in China.

The center is the designated charity center for congenital heart diseases in Sichuan province. Since 2006, we have been devoting to charities. We have traveled more than 400,000 kilometers, covering over 30 undeveloped areas in west China, and have screened more than 200,000 children for free. The center raised tens of millions yuan for charity and rescued thousands of children with congenital heart diseases. The new model of “closed-loop treatment of pediatric congenital heart disease " has been established, forming a public welfare culture inheritance of charity assistance for congenital diseases.


The division of pediatric cardiology has a national well-known pediatric cardiovascular expert team with advanced medical techniques and researches. As a modern and full-featured medical center, the team has the most advanced technology and equipment. We maintain a close academic communication with several pediatric cardiovascular centers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, America, France, Germany, and Japan.

In our team, we have three doctor supervisors and six master supervisors. Besides, there are one national outstanding contribution expert and two academic and technical leaders of Sichuan Province. While introducing new technologies and new materials, the team actively carries out original innovations in order to provide patients with better medical services.

We are highly recongnized in the country and society. The division is now the training base of the Ministry of Health for interventional diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart diseases, the charity center for congenital heart diseases in Sichuan province, the China Charity Federation-Hope Project Cooperation Hospital for charity project of congenital heart diseases.