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Division of Child Health Care

The Division of Child Health Care is one of the first such specialty program established in China, with a history of more than 30 years, focusing on physical growth and neuropsychological development of children. There are 8 professors and associate professors in our team.

The division has established complete subspecialities and has become a member of the child health care group of the pediatric branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the leader of the child health care and behavioral development group of Sichuan Medical Association, a member of the developmental behavioral pediatric group of the pediatric branch of the Chinese Medical Association.

We have set children's system healthcare clinics, growth and development deviation specialist clinics. The main services are as follows:

Children's System Healthcare Clinic: Provide regular health care and monitor of children from birth to seven years of age, including physical examination, nutritional co-counseling, growth and development assessment and intervention et al. Promote the healthy growth of children through the work of early childhood comprehensive development.

Special outpatient clinic: a standardized high-risk child management clinic opened in 2013, mainly for one-to-one growth and development monitoring and guidance for high-risk children. From the perspective of nutrition and physical growth, high-risk infants, such as premature infants, small for gestational age infants and twins will face various problems after discharge, such as feeding difficulties, uncoordinated sucking and swallowing, and insufficient caloric intake. Adequate and balanced nutritional support is the material basis and the key link to improve its survival rate and promote the growth and development of the brain and the body, which is not only related to short-term growth and disease outcome, but also directly affects long-term prognosis. Carrying out standardized management of high-risk infants, formulating individualized and scientific nutritional feeding programs, early and timely nutritional intervention and growth assessment and monitoring will bring benefits to premature infants throughout their lives.

Child growth and development specialist clinic: focuses on various nutritional diseases (such as malnutrition, obesity, etc.), developmental delays (such as motor development, language development, mental retardation, etc.), growth deviation (such as short stature, excessive growth, etc.), abnormal sexual development (such as precocious puberty, delayed sexual development, abnormal sexual differentiation, etc.), abnormal developmental behavior (such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, learning difficulties, emotional disorders, sleep disorders, etc.). Early diagnosis and treatment of various growth-related diseases and genetic me-x-tabolic diseases (such as hypothyroidism, phenylketonuria, chromosomal diseases, etc.).

Newborn Disease Screening Center: screening of hearing, congenital heart disease of newborns borns in our hospital, and genetic me-x-tabolic diseases (congenital hypothyroidism, phenylketonuria, G-6PD enzyme deficiency) disease, congenital adrenal hyperplasia) , diagnosis and treatment of some diseases. Regular statistical analysis of data and follow-up work.