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According to the China Ambulatory Surgery Alliance (CASA), Day Surgery is defined as a patient being admitted to hospital for a planned surgery and discharged home within 24 hours, excluding outpatient surgery. Day surgery has become a new management model for elective surgery in China due to its advantages of safety, efficiency, low cost and short hospital stay, and has been widely used in the country.

The first Day Surgery at West China Second University Hospital was started in February 2016. The Day Surgery Department was officially established in September 2020, and started formal operation in January 2021 , which integrates appointment scheduling, preoperative evaluation, surgery, perioperative enhanced recovery management and postoperative follow-up. The Department covers Gynecology, Reproductive endocrinology, Reproductive medicine, Reproductive andrology, Pediatric cardiovascular, Pediatric surgery, and other clinical specialties, providing integrated, standardized, information-based, comprehensive, and whole-course high-quality services.

Day surgery patients who meet the admission criteria go through a one-stop evaluation and admission process. After completing the surgery as planned, they are discharged after strict evaluation by medical staff if they meet the discharge criteria. Patients who do not meet the discharge criteria are discharged 48 hours later or transferred to specialized wards/community health service centers for further observation and treatment. After the patients are discharged from the hospital, the staff continue to follow up the patients for 28 days through Wechat official account information push and/or telephone. In case of any abnormal situation, relevant treatment and rehabilitation direction are given in time.

All the staff in the Day Surgery Department abide by the humanistic concept of "professionalism, care and service", and improve patients’ satisfaction with first-class medical technology and high-quality service. The staff strive to develop the Day Surgery Department into a surgery platform that is " patient satisfied, domestically leading, internationally renowned, and with the Huaxi characteristics".