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Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Founded in 1950s, the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases has a strong tradition in scientific research, diagnosis and treatment for children with infectious diseases. Owing to the excellent performance and reputation, our division has become the provincial medical center for childhood tuberculosis, the provincial key discipline for pediatric infectious diseases, and the medical center for critical pediatric infections.

We conducted multicenter studies on the safety and effectiveness of live-attenuated Japanese encephalitis vaccine (JE-I) which was published in the Lancet and Journal of Infectious Disease. This theoretical foundation promoted JE-I, the independently developed vaccine in China  accepted by WHO. We also published the evidence-based guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of acute fever of unknown origin in Chinese children below 5 years old, leading the upsurge of standardized diagnosis and treatment of children's acute fever in pediatric community. We have won 7 national, ministerial and provincial awards for medical education and medical research.

Our pediatricians, nurses, therapists and other health professionals work closely as a team to coordinate individualized care for each patient. Our team is good at evidence-based diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases in children, especially febrile diseases, complicated infections and childhood tuberculosis. Being funded by national major special research project on infectious diseases, national natural science foundation of China and major special research project of Sichuan province, the Division has become a medical center for childhood tuberculosis, proficient in tuberculous meningitis, drug-resistant tuberculosis and anti-tuberculous drug induced liver injury. Our team has abundant clinical experience in the fields of fever of unknown origin in children, the systemic and organic infections, viral, fungal, parasitic infections, various rash and fever illnesses and antimicrobial stewardship. We also focus on children's liver diseases, especially in treatment of chronic hepatitis B, hereditary and me-x-tabolic liver disorders, biliary atresia, acute and chronic liver failure, cytomegalovirus hepatitis and other liver diseases. Our division is the unit of West China children's liver transplantation center.

We have 14 pediatricians and 24 nurses. Our team has engaged in postgraduate education and advanced studies in famous colleges and universities at home and abroad. We have been teaching medical students of West China Medical Center of Sichuan University, and undertaken practicing and training program for pediatric residents/specialists and nurses. More than 50 PhD and MD students have graduated in our division. Professor Wan Chaomin is the deputy editor of the National College Planning textbook "Pediatric Infectious Diseases". Most of our colleagues are members of national academic societies and associations, and editorial board members serving well-known journals at home and abroad.