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The Division of Obstetrics of the West China Second University Hospital of Sichuan University originated from Renji Women's and Children's Hospital, the earliest women's hospital in Chengdu, which was founded in 1896. After more than 100 years of inheritance and development, it has now expanded to a dual campus obstetric unit operating at the same time, covering 8 inpatient wards and independent delivery rooms and operating rooms, with 247 beds. The obstetrics team has 313 medical and nursing staff, including 28 experts with senior titles and 5 doctoral supervisors, including the current chairperson of the Perinatal Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and the leading academic and technical experts in Sichuan Province, and experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council.

We are one of the first national key clinical specialty construction projects, a perinatal medicine center, a critical care center, a standardized training base for residents doctors and midwives in the western region, integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention. We have authored and published 8 guidelines such as China's Guidelines for the Prevention and treatment of Postpartum Hemorrhage (2009) and (2014) and Guidelines for Normal Childbirth, and participated in writing other obstetric guidelines, consensus and clinical norms for more than 50 items. We have undertaken many national key R&D projects, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and provincial and ministerial key R&D projects, and won many scientific awards, including the first and second prizes of science and technology at the provincial and ministerial levels and the first prize of the National Science and Technology Award for Maternal and Child Health. In addition, we have established a fetal medicine platform system to carry out fetal medicine consultation services, such as fetal growth restriction, complicated twin pregnancies, fetal cardiac arrhythmias and fetal surgery.

The Division of Obstetrics implements the "one-stop" service of "outpatient-ward, prenatal-postnatal", and promotes the safety of delivery with multiple measures. The Division of Obstetrics also has subspecialty clinics, such as hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, twin pregnancy, elderly pregnancy, fetal medicine, and preterm delivery, to ensure the safety of mothers and fetuses of high-risk pregnant women. There are also special clinics for perinatal nutrition, childbirth consultation/analgesia, breastfeeding consultation and postpartum review to meet the individual needs of different women.