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The operating room is an important clinical department of our hospital, which performs surgeries of difficult and critical diseases in multiple surgical specialties, including gynaecology, reproductive endocrinology, pediatric surgery, andrology, fetoscopy and pediatric fiberoptic bronchoscopy. As the Training base of National Health Commission of China for Gynecological Endoscope, we carry out the training of gynecological minimally invasive surgery and perform surgeries for critically patients in western China, we complete more than 60,000 operations annually.

The operating rooms are used by inpatient surgery center, day surgery center, and ambulatory surgery center, with 48 clean operating rooms and 12 general operating rooms, which are set up at both Jinjiang and Huaxi campuses. The unit has set up integrated operating room, hybrid operation room and robot operating room, and equipped with advanced surgical instruments and equipment, such as direct visualized vacuum aspiration system, ultrasonography induced visible system, loop electrosurgical excision procedure system(LEEP system), ultra-high-defmition electronic endoscope system, electrosurgery station, ultrasound scalpel, Plasmakinetic Tissue Management System(PK scalpel), 4K laparoscopic system and da Vinci Xi surgical system.

The operating rooms are staffed with experienced and well-trained nurses. There are 101 nurses (4 nurses with master’s degree), including 5 with associate senior title and 45 with intermediate title. There are 1 chief nurse, 4 associate chief nurses and 4 assistants for chief nurse. Our staff value high on patient safety and health, provide high-quality nursing services, carry out perioperative art therapy and continuously improve the quality of services, which get recognition from the hospital and achieved the first prize for medical quality. Operating room nurses also completed the work of medical education and scientific research excellently, more than 30 scientific papers have been published and 10 patents have been applied per year. We won the hospital teaching award and advanced team award and so on.