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The Department of Radiology, West China Second University Hospital, is a grade A key subject in Sichuan Province, a national-level standardized training base for residents, and a Provincial standardized training base for radiologists and technicians. Following the tradition of Huaxi, practicing the spirit of "Wisdom, Inclusiveness, Gratitude, and Endeavor" with a cultural philosophy of "viewing the world, engaging in research, harmonious resonance, and imaging life" , our department has made due contributions to promoting the development and progress of women and children’s imaging diagnosis and interventional therapy.

The department has a team of 64 members, including 10 PHD, 18 masters, 28 undergraduates, 13 junior college graduates, and 1 technical secondary school graduate. Among them, there are 4 professors (chief physician), 4 associate professors (deputy chief physician, deputy chief nurse), 21 intermediate medical care staff, 1 doctoral supervisor, 5 master supervisors, 1 National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Leading Talent, 1 Sichuan Provincial Health Chief expert, 1 Sichuan Provincial Health Leading Talent, 2 Sichuan Provincial academic and technical leaders, and 2 candidates for academic and technical leaders of the Health Commission of Sichuan Province. Meanwhile, the department is also the chair-elect unit of Radiologists Branch of Sichuan Medical Doctors Association and the former chair unit of Radiologists Branch of Chengdu Medical Association.

Facilities in our department include:4 MRIs (including 1 Skyra 3.0T, 2 Skyra 1.5T) ,4 CTs (including 1 GE Revolution CT),  3 DSAs (including 1 double plate, 2 single plate), 5 DRs, 4 portable DRs, 3 digital gastrointestinal contrast machines, 1 dual-energy bone density detector, 1 digital mammary gland machine and 1 digital dental film machine.