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The Department of Andrology/Sichuan Human Sperm Bank of West China Second University Hospital is one of the few units with an independent andrology department and a human sperm bank. It consists of an andrology clinic, an andrology laboratory and a sperm bank, with more than 30 staff members (6 with Doctorate and 8 with Master’s degree). There are 5 professors and 1 associate professors in our team. We focus on the development of male reproductive health, offering comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and testing of male fertility and clinical sperm cryopreservation.

The Andrology Clinic includes outpatient clinics, surgeries, and wards. Male reproductive endocrinology is a characteristic diagnosis and treatment service for male reproductive clinics, with the goal of establishing the diagnosis, treatment and health management of male reproductive diseases in the whole life cycle of men, including prepubertal and adolescent gonadal dysplasia, diagnosis and treatment of male infertility diseases in reproductive age, fertility regulation, and aging Hypogonadal Syndrome. Meanwhile we are capable for the surgeries, especially microscopic andrological surgeries, including:①Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA)-Sperm are retrieved through a needle that is placed into the caudal portion of the epididymis; ②Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA)-Under local sedation, a small needle is used to extract sperm directly from the testicle; ③Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA)-To retrieve epididymal spermatozoa through an open operation under the operating microscope that can be readily frozen and thawed for subsequent attempts at fertility.

The Sichuan Human Sperm Bank was established in early 2003, and it is the only official medical institution licensed by Health Department of Sichuan Province, to collect and store sperm from donors in the province. Sperm banking involves the freezing and storage of semen/sperm in liquid nitrogen tanks. With the sperm cryopreservation technology, we provide a complete and comprehensive sperm cryopreservation system to meet the needs of different patients, including routine sperm freezing, asthenozoospermia freezing, rare sperm freezing, and single sperm freezing, and the first case in Sichuan Province was successfully implemented in 2020. Men may require storage of sperm samples prior to vasectomy or potentially sterilizing therapy for cancer. With the development of the oncology and reproductive medicine of male, the interdisciplinary "oncofertility" has been gradually promoted in our center.

The Andrology Laboratory offers comprehensive male fertility testing and other laboratory services to evaluate and treat male infertility, including comprehensive semen analysis with strict morphology, sperm vitality analysis, sperm DNA fragmentation testing and other sperm functional testing.

And our full-service facility is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of the infertile male using the highest standard of quality of care, and to help men and couples who are trying to conceive, and specializes in both basic treatment methods.