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Ultrasound Department

The Ultrasound Department of West China Second University Hospital, Sichuan University is one of the main prenatal ultrasound diagnosis training bases of National Health Commission in China. The department is also the China Obstetrics and Gynecology Ultrasound Training Base which is the only one in the southwest China.  In addition,it is the prenatal ultrasound diagnosis and consultation center of Sichuan Province, and a key discipline in Sichuan Province.

As the largest ultrasound diagnosis and treatment center for women and children in southwest China, the department is mainly responsible for the following tasks:

Clinical works: The department is divided into seven sub-professional groups including intervention, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics and so on. A total of 82 examinations, including systematic fetal ultrasound examination, targeted fetal ultrasound examination, fetal echocardiography and so on.  As a consultation center for difficult patients of women and children in the province and the southwest region, we are armed with GE Voluson E10, GE Voluson E8, GE LOGIQ E9 and other advanced ultrasound equipment, serving more than 700,000 patients yearly. Our department took the lead in formulating the prenatal ultrasound diagnosis standard in Sichuan Province and promoted it in the whole province. We also participated in the compilation of national guidelines for ultrasound examination of gynecology, obstetrics and fetal heart. Our department also took the lead in launching the online ultrasound real-time consultation platform in the province, taking a solid step for realizing the Internet + hospital, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and optimal allocation of medical resources.

Scientific researches:Our department has undertaken more than 60 scientific research projects including international cooperation projects, national Science and Technology support plan projects, provincial Science and Technology Department support projects and so on. Our department has published more than 300 papers in various medical journals. The staff of our department have edited, translated and participated in the compilation of 17 textbooks, monographs and guides, and actively participate in various levels of ultrasound conferences at home and abroad for academic exchanges.

Teaching: Our department undertakes the tasks of undergraduate teaching,postgraduate teaching,standardized physician training,advanced medical training and prenatal diagnostic physician training. We have hosted a number of national and provincial continuing medical education programs, and provincial prenatal diagnosis training courses.