For Patients


North Building
1st  Floor  

Observation Room    
Department of Radiology    
Pediatric Hematology & Oncology Ward II    
2nd  Floor  

General Pediatric Ward II    
3rd  Floor  

Reproductive Endocrinology Ward    
4th  Floor  

Pediatric Cardiology Ward    
5th  Floor  

Obstetric Ward II    
6th  Floor  

Delivery Room    
7th  Floor  

Gynecological Ward II    
8th  Floor  

Inpatient Surgery Rooms    
9th  Floor  

Department of Anesthesiology

ICU for OB/Gyn

Ancillary Building
1st  Floor  

Department of Laboratory Medicine    
2nd  Floor  

General Pediatric Ward I    
3rd  Floor  

VIP Clinics

South Building
1st  Floor  

Pediatric Clinic    
Pediatric Clinic Inquiries    
Asthma Treatment for Outpatients    
Admission and Discharge    
Healthcare Insurance    
Cashier's Office    
2nd  Floor  

Appointment Obstetric Clinic    
Obstetric Clinic Inquiries    
Children's Healthcare Clinics    
3rd  Floor  

Appointment Gynecological Clinics    
Gynecological Clinics    
Gynecological Clinic Inquiries    
Treatment Center for Vulva and Cervix Diseases    
4th  Floor  

Department of Ultrasonic Medicine    
Fetal Monitoring    
ECG Examination    
EEG Examination    
Physical Therapy    
Laser Therapy    
Gastrointestinal Endoscope    
Cashier's Office    
5th  Floor  

Neonatology Ward    
6th  Floor  

Pediatric Hematology & Oncology Ward I    
7th  Floor  

Obstetric Ward I    
8th  Floor  

Gynecological Ward I    
9th  Floor  

Reproductive Medicine Center    
Gynecological Biotherapy    
10th Floor  

Outpatient Surgery Rooms    
Endoscopy Center    
Recovery Room    
11th Floor  

Division of Obstetrics    
Human Sperm Bank    
12th Floor  

Gynecologic Oncology Ward