For Patients

For Outpatients

Thank you for choosing West China Second University Hospital, SCU. In order to facilitate your visit to this hospital, please pay attention to the following notices.

1. Hospital Address

No. 20, Section 3, Renmin South Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R.China.

Bus: #8,16, 45,61, 78, 99, 118, 300, get off at the "middle station of Secton 3 of People's South Road"

Metro: Line 1, Huaxi Ba stop, Exit B

2.Outpatient service contents

Our hospital mainly opens obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics related specialized outpatient service. Obstetrics and gynecology include gynecology, obstetrics, reproductive endocrinology, prenatal diagnostic and more refined sub-professional specialist disease Clinic. Pediatrics include child health, outpatient clinic of all kinds of Pediatric Internal Medicine profession and Pediatric surgery consultation, neonatal fundus disease outpatient clinic; andrology is mainly for infertility. At present, the maternity and child specialist outpatient clinics involve more than 20 sub-professions and directions in obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics, and hospital has also opened characteristic outpatient service, such as the pediatric/obstetric DOHaD nutrition counseling, abortion contraception counseling, huaxi pediatric surgery and pediatric eye consultation, difficult disease joint consultation. Pediatric Atomization Center and gynecological outpatient operating room open all year to service patients. VIP outpatient clinics are open for women and children with high-end service needs: VIP files, booking clinics and treatment, one-on-one chaperonage inspection and test. Visiting experts are both old and famous experts with high academic status in the relevant fields.

3. Working Hours of Clinics and Emergency Department

Outpatient clinic: 365 days without rest outpatient clinic. Morning:8:00 am-12:00 am, afternoon:14:00-18:00. Night expert/specialist Outpatient clinic(18:00-21:00)

VIP clinics: open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday all day and practice all wechat booking register. If you have any questions, please call: 028- 85503521(Monday to Friday: 8:00-12:00, 14:00-17:30)

Convenience Clinic: open from Monday to Friday all day(07:45-17:30), open half day in the morning on Saturday and Sunday(08:00-12:00), The holiday is subject to hospital announcement.

Emergency clinic: 24 hours without stop. Tel:028-85501340

4.Get the card

a.Real-name patient ID card:

(1)Self-service terminals: take 2nd generation Identity card to self-service area in outpatient hall front yard to get the card.

(2) Artificial window: take 2nd generation Identity card or original residence booklet to hospital backyard first floor, fill ‘West China Second University Hospital real name system card personal information registration form’ and get ‘real-name patient ID card’.

b. Wechat ‘No card register’

Focus on ‘West China Second University Hospital’ wechat public service number, enter no card register interface, fill in real identity information. Once registration is successful, you can choose doctor and make appointment registration. Please bring original Identity card or original residence booklet to self-service machine or artificial window to supplement a card to see a doctor.( Reminder: If the information you fill does not match or you do not show identity card, you will not be able to get the card.)

c.’Huaxi Medical Card’

Please go to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China each provinces’ business offices for "Huaxi Medical Card"

5.Registration time

Booking registration: 14th day’s number will be released every morning at 7:15 and number source within 14 days can be appointed all day.

Registration on the same day: registration starts at 7:20 am every morning.

6. Registration way

a. wechat registration: search public service number’West China Second University Hospital’ or scan two-dimensional code, add and focus

b.114 telephone/online booking: call 114 in Chengdu, call 118114 outside of Chengdu or log in 114 website(

c. ICBC online booking/ICBC self-service terminals: log in ICBC e-bank website(, choose ‘Branch characteristics’, select department, doctor to book or book registration on ICBC self-service machines in outpatient hall.

d. On-site window/self-service machine booking: take real-name patient ID card to ‘Book an appointment’ on hospital backyard first floor or self-service machines in outpatient hall front yard and each area to book registration/registration.

e. Subsequent visit registration: after booking, please get the visit number in wechat/ artificial window in time.

(1)booking during the visit: after this visit, ask doctor in the clinic to book registration within 4 weeks.

(2)Discharge appointment: doctor books outpatient registration within 4 weeks when the patient is discharged.

(3)Appointment after outpatient operation: book outpatient registration within 2 weeks after surgery.

7. Payment methods

a. Wechat payment: search public service’ West China Second University Hospital’ or scan two-dimensional code, add, focus, bind the patient ID card to pay money.

b. Self-service machine payment: take real-name patient ID card to self-service machine in outpatient hall front yard and each area and bank cards marked with UnionPay can pay money.

c. Artificial window Payment: there are payment windows on 1st ,2nd ,3rd ,4th floor in outpatient hall. Emergency patients please go to Emergency Department window to pay money.

8. Questions and complaints

a. Outpatient hall tel: 028-85503960

b. Specialty tel: gynecology clinic: 028-85503740, pediatric clinic:028-85503052

c. Complaints tel: 028-85501101, follow the voice prompts.

d. There are dean's mailbox on every floor of the building. Views and suggestions in the process of diagnosis and treatment can be reflected to hospital leaders.

Note: other visit related matter please see the website( and wechat public service.

9. Patients’ rights and duty

-right to be informed

-right to know charge situation, own state of an illness, diagnosis, treatment plan and results of diagnosis and treatment, including unexpected results.

-right to know the purpose, process, risk, benefit, possibility of success, alternatives

of the treatment plan provided by the hospital.

-right to know name, dose, taking method and potential side effects of prescription drug.

-right to get copies and supporting documents of medical documents within the limits of national regulations and patients should pay the required costs

-participation and decision-making power rights

- right to participate in the discussion of medical solutions and to decide to accept which method of diagnosis and treatment.

-right to refuse and give up treatment and to be informed of the consequences of the decision and responsibilities.

-right to have the pain properly assessed and managed

-right to decide whether to participate in medical research.

-Privacy and confidentiality rights

- Information disclosed during the patient's diagnosis and treatment, physicians should be kept confidential. Not disclosed to unrelated person without patient consent.

-Under special circumstances, for information that is required by national laws and regulations, hospital is obligated to comply with national regulations and reports in time.

-The patient's privacy has the right to be respected and protected.

-Right of representation

-If patient has questions, he has rights to know situation from medical staff. If he is not satisfied with explanation at last, he can complain to hospital and the complaint behavior does not affect the patient's diagnosis and service in our hospital.

- The patient can complain directly to the head of division/department head, or send a letter to the doctor-patient communication office or hospital party and government office to complain.

- Cultural and religious beliefs are respected

- Organ donation right

- Life rights, health rights, property protection rights, equal health care rights, personality rights, supervision rights that are given by law and other fundamental rights of citizens

-If he can not understand contents above, patient has the right to be informed in other understandable forms.

-Patients’ duty

1.Patient has the duty provide medical staff with exact and real personal basic information(name, age etc.), disease history, past history, food and medication allergy history.

2. Medical plan and procedure agreed upon by both sides, patient should strictly abide by and cooperate closely with medical staff.

3. Patients should not require medical staff to provide unreal medical records, false medical records or inspection report.

4.Patients have responsibility to pay hospital related medical cost.

5.Patients should comply with the hospital's management system and regulations, respect for the medical staff personality, work rights and other patients’ right.

6.Do not give a red envelope or gift to medical staff.